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If there's one thing I've discovered about my cousin, Dannell, it's that she was a very prolific writer. Dani (as she was called by her family) produced an awful lot of work with an old computer and even older software. Her spell checker (which she relied upon heavily) wasn't always up to the task of editing for "on the fly" terminology. I have tried to present her works in a more edited form. I have NOT edited content - grammatical corrections, more consistency in the spellings of certain terms and names she used, and punctuation corrections are all that I've attempted. It is far from perfect. Dannell Lites' Archive (organized and hosted by Kerithwyn) has presented Dani's work precisely as she herself did, but for me, I'm going to chicken out and archive her pages in alphabetical order by title. You see, I have a small confession to make - I write my own fanfic, but mine tends towards literary characters, rather than comic characters. I haven't the first clue how to sort all of Dannell's stories in any semblance of order, and there are quite a few crossovers I discovered by looking up her individual pages.

Many of her stories are not intended for younger readership, so read with care. I repeat: I have NOT edited Dani's stories for content. Pay close attention to her warnings she listed for each story. Slash is a euphemism she uses to denote scenes that reflect same sex themes. If this is offensive to the reader, please avoid all stories labeled Slash. Please keep in mind that most of her stories were definitely NOT written for children. Writings that are solely attributed to other authors won't be included unless the author specifically, and individually allows me to host them.

Enjoy her fanfic - she was the best!

~ A ~

"And All of Us are Dying"
Summary: The histories of Mon-El.
Cautions: Massive AU. PG-13.

"Another Death In The Family"
Summary: The death of Dick Grayson from Babs POV:(:(
Cautions: Rated PG-13 for some verbal violence and a couple of naughty words.

~ B ~

"Batman: Holy Terror 2 (Picking Up The Pieces)"
Summary: An Elseworlds tale of The Batman!
Cautions: Rated PG for some violence and some unpleasant concepts and such!

"Birthday Blues"
Summary: It's Jean-Paul's birthday....
Cautions: Rated G for pure as the driven snow! No sex, no drugs, no Rock and Roll! Well, okay! Maybe some antibiotics! *snicker*

"Birthday Boy"
Summary: None given.
Cautions: Adult sexual themes.

"Brainy's Lab and What Happened There"
Summary: A total PWP involving Brainiac 5, Mon-El, Shadow Lass and one lazy day in Brainy's lab. This time the lab explodes in a different way:):) snicker
Cautions: Rated PG-17 for m/m and m/f and m/f/m sex! So if'n such-like offends y'all skedaddle!

~ C ~

"The Chair"
Summary: How did Dick (Nightwing) Grayson first react to news of Bruce's paralysis in KnightFall? A speculation.
Cautions: Rated G for absolute purity of content. WARNING! Angst ahead!

"The Christmas Gifts"
Summary: None given.
Cautions: Some theological discussion.

"The Coming Of ... Supermanta!"
Summary: An Amalgamated tale of Superman ... as he might have been!
Cautions: Rated PG-13 for a bit of violence and bad temper on Supermanta's part and maybe a naughty word or two in Japanese:):)

Summary: Vignette set during the "Conspiracy" story line.
Cautions: Rated G for absolute purity of content! No sex, no drugs, and not even a little Rock and Roll! phui!:):)

"Conversations With A Legend"
Summary: Valor and Triad Orange have a talk about religion:):)
Cautions: Frank Non-Christian religious themes are explored!

"Crossing the Bar"
Summary: An Azrael story.
Cautions: Rated G for absolute purity of content! No sex, no drugs, no Rock and Roll! phui!:(:( WARNING: Character death herein!

~ D ~

"A Day No Pigs Would Die"
Summary: A tale of Smallville.
Cautions: Rated PG, but not for language or adult sitches:):)

~ E ~

"Emerald Legacy"
Summary: An expansion of the AU in moi's story "And All Of Us Are Dying" where Valor, Lar Gand, becomes a member of the Green Lantern Corps!
Cautions: Rated G for absolute purity of content!

"Encounter in a Small Town II: The Stationary Man"
Summary: The sequel!
Cautions: Rated PG for suggestive dialogue and for some psychological nastiness.

~ F ~

"Fairy Tale"
Summary: Queen Tasmia of Talok VIII is having trouble with the succession...
Cautions: Rated PG-17 for some m/m concepts. Nothing graphic a'tall:):)

"Falling Toward Forever"
Summary: An Azrael ficlet! The result of a 150 Word Challenge!
Cautions: Rated G!

"Film at Eleven!"
Summary: Movie night with the Batfolks.
Cautions: Rated G for Pure As The Driven Snow:):)

~ G ~

"Garth's Very, Very BAD Day!"
Summary: Everyone has a bad day once in a while, right? Not like THIS they don't:):)
Cautions: Rated G for absolute purity of content: No ex, no drugs, and ABSOLUTELY no Rock and Roll! *snarf* *Dannell waves cheerily at Ed (or was it Tony?) and Syl*
Also rated F for Funnybone:):)

"A Gathering Of Angels"
Summary: An Azrael/Touched By An Angel Crossover!
Cautions: Rated PG-13 for some disturbing violence and such.

"The Great Confrontation"
Summary: A story of the Superman of 2499 and trouble in the House of El! Co-written with DarkMark!
Cautions: None mentioned. Please note that this story is, as yet, unfinished; Dannell's death has interrupted this story for some unknown period of time.

~ H ~

"Hammer of Hell"
Summary: Enemy Ace, Hans Von Hammer, faces his most skilled and unusual foe!
Cautions: Rated NC-17 for some really, really naughty words and some violence. If'n that sort of thing bothers y'all skedaddle:):) Otherwise enjoy!

"Heart of a Champion"
Summary: Even before he helped found the Legion of Super-Heroes, Rokk Krinn was Cosmic Boy!
Cautions: None given.

"Heavenly Babysitter"
Summary: Dick (Nightwing) Grayson and Garth (Tempest) need a babysitter for their adopted daughter:):) Guess who's elected? *snarf*
Cautions: Rated PG-13 for implied m/m sexual content:):) Don't like; don't read!

"Hooray for Hollywood!"
Summary: Angel O'Day and Sam Simeon take a rather unusual case:):)
Cautions: Rated P for Pure As The Driven Snow! Honest! Not even a naughty word!

~ I ~

"Illiad Elseworlds"
Summary: An ambitious, unfinished fic.
Cautions: None given.

"In The Blood"
Summary: An Elseworlds tale of love and intrigue!
Cautions: Rated PG just because!

"Insect Queen"
Summary: A Tale of Lana Lang, the Insect Queen and Pre-Crisis Smallville!:):) Poison Ivy invades Kansas and it's up to Lana, Pete Ross and Martha and Jonathan Kent to stop her!
Cautions: Rated G for absolute purity of content! No sex, no drugs, no rock and roll nor off color language a'tall! *eeeppp* This is Pre-Crisis Smallville, Kansas, after all:):) Hee!

"It's A Dog's Life!"
Summary: Ace, The Bat Hound joins the Space Canine Patrol Agents!
Cautions: This is the beginning of something decidedly odd:):)

~ J ~

"Just Drawn That Way"
Summary: A Zoo Crew story!
Cautions: Rated G for pure as the driven snow ... except for a bit of innuendo and such:):)

~ L ~

Summary: Ultra Boy, Jo Nah, finally tell Mon-El just how he feels about him.
Cautions: WARNING! Here be slash:):)

"Lar, Part 2: The Rest of the Story"
Summary: The Sequel to "Lar". What does Phantom Girl think of Ultra Boy's new relationship with his friend Mon-El? Not much!!

"The Last Herald of Galactus"
Summary: Tarnation! Ah have no bloody idea what this thing is! Elseworlds? What If? Imaginary Story? Don't ask moi! But it surely was fun to write:):)
Cautions: Rated P for Pure as the Driven Snow:):)

"Last Thoughts: Batman"
Summary: A tale written in answer to a contest! Check it out! Not a DeathFic, Ah promise!:):)
Cautions: Rated G for absolute purity of content! No sex, no drugs no Rock and Roll! Not even a naughty word! Mercy!

"The Legion of Squabbling Heroes"
Summary: A LSH MetaFic! Moi's Legion fictives take moi to task!
Cautions: None given.

"Letting Go"
Summary: Bruce finally lets go of Dick (Nightwing) Grayson
Cautions: Rated PG for absolute purity of content! No sex, no drugs, no -er - well, alright:):) A *little* rock and roll:):)

"Little Boy Lost"
Summary: A tale of the early friendship between The Batman and Superman!
Cautions: Rated G for pure as the driven snow! No continuity to speak of, so don't be looking for it!

"Lovers' Tryst"
Summary: Could Lar have had a lover in the Zone?
Cautions: Adult situations and some really nasty imagery.

~ M ~

"Me, Myself ... But No I"
Summary: Mon-EL and His SW6 Batch counterpart don't much like one another...
Cautions: Rated PG -13 Just because Ah'm paranoid. A little futuristic bad language, some undepicted lovin', and some psychological unpleasantness going on heah:):) But nothing major!

"Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Life Is But A Dream "
Summary: The core of this little ficlet, Jean-Paul's addiction to Venom, really did happen in canon. Not quite this messy... but it happened.
Cautions: Rated G for pure as the driven snow! Some kind of intense stuff heah but nothing snarky. Ah promise!:):) The water is safe ... c'mon in!

Summary: The curative effects of Brainiac 5's anti-lead poisoning serum are wearing off .. and Shadow Lass and Superboy are paying the price.
Cautions: WARNING! Here be slash:):)

"Music of the Night"
Summary: A Dick and Bruce reconciliation tale!
Cautions: Rated PG-17 for implied sexual content and some verbal violence and a couple of naughty words. So if those sort of things bother y'all, skedaddle:):)

~ P ~

"Part of the Game"
Summary: A Titan's Elseworld Tale! Who's killing great athletes? And is Dick Grayson next?
Cautions: None mentioned

"Passing The Love Of Women"
Summary: A sequel to "Mon-El"
Cautions: WARNING! Here be slash:):)

~ R ~

"Rest in Peace"
Summary: A sequel to moi's story "Letting Go" by the amazing Ian Bourne! Young as he is ... if'n he can write this well ... Ah'm scared:):)
Cautions: None mentioned

"Robin's Song"
Summary: Where does Bruce (Batman) Wayne disappear to on the same day every year? And why?
Cautions: Rated PG-13 for implied sexual content. So if'n that sort of thing bothers y'all, skedaddle:):)

~ S ~

"Sixteen Candles"
Summary: The Post-Crisis Superboy faces the fact of his eternal youth.
Cautions: Rated PG for very mild adult situations and language.

"Straight on 'Til Morning"
Summary: After the death of his lover Shadow Lass, Mon-El reflects on a number of things...
Cautions: Rated G for absolute purity of content! No sex, no drugs, no rock and roll:):) Mercy! And no! Ah don't quite know how that happened either!

~ T ~

Summary: Set after Tower of Babel. Co-written with Reccea.
Cautions: Rated PG-15 for very mild, undepicted m/m sexual references and adult themes!

~ U ~

Summary: A little BatFamily romance ...
Cautions: Rated R for very strong language.

~ W ~

"Wolf in the Fold"
Summary: Timber Wolf confronts Shrinking Violet about her unreasonable dislike for him. He thinks he knows why.
Cautions: Implied M/F sex and rough M/F at that:):) Not graphic, though!

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